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Dr. Mixon’s broad range of medical expertise includes experience as a registered nurse (RN) as well as a doctor of chiropractic. This is likely the reason he treats so many patients with challenging symptoms, such as bulging and herniated discs, sciatica and scoliosis. Through his traditional medical experience (He currently works as an ICU nurse in a well-respected local hospital), he has formed a vast referral network of highly respected doctors. This can be invaluable if an escalated level of care is required. 

Superior diagnostic skills

Extensive referral network

Over 18 yrs of experience

Family Chiropractic Care

Throughout Dr. Mixon’s career, family chiropractic care  has formed a cornerstone of his practice. Over the years, dozens of clients have brought their newborns to him for their first chiropractic adjustment. With four children of his own, he understands the benefits that chiropractic treatment can have for children; ranging from improved immunity, and decreased allergies, to faster recovery from sports injuries and falls or strains. 

Senior care is another large aspect of Dr. Mixon’s chiropractic practice and he has treated numerous patients whose ages range well into their nineties. He accepts Medicare and most forms of major insurances.

Dr. Mixon is a great communicator, listens and takes awesome care in treating me and my family.



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